About Us

In the business of sleep, we are dealing with
people who are wide awake.

Fey is a medium-sized company based in Emsdetten.

The approximately 100 wide awake employees understand a lot about healthy and restful sleep. Fey produces mattresses, slatted frames, neck support pillows. Fey is also one of the leading suppliers of boxspring beds in Germany.

Fey combines experience and innovation. Since 1926, the employees have devoted all their energy to provide people a restful and healthy sleep.
In addition to traditional craftsmanship, the company also relies on the latest findings from science, which are used in our products.

For over 90 years, Fey has been offering only the best quality as a manufacturer of mattresses and slatted frames.

Our day-to-day business is your sleep - and that just simply must be good.

Fey & Co.

Rheiner Stra├če 145
48282 Emsdetten

02 572 / 154 0

02 572 / 154 159

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